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Privacy Policy is generally the legal record or report that manages the data collected by a website or an app from the users. The website proprietors should define what data they will be getting from the users and whereby such data is used and applied. The personal data provided on the website or mobile application can be at times misused unless otherwise it is managed and directed. So, every website or application must have measures to protect such data and that's what privacy policies explain. The rules and regulations that are connected to a piece of software by the service provider are called the Terms of Service (ToS). It is a legal agreement between the provider of the service and the user who wants to use it. You can also employ Web-based assistance and products. When a piece of software or Web-service of the provider appends regulations to these software or service items, those ordinances are known as the terms of service. Whenever you click service or software, firstly, you will have to agree to the regulations mentioned in the Terms of Service, since ToS is a common agreement that every service will have in this digital growing world.

How is it done?

The following are the key principles of such policy:

Professionalism, Integrity, and Ethics:

The privacy policy commits itself to the highest professional standards, integrity and ethics to be maintained in the entire system of privacy protection.


Privacy policy decision-makers should have financial and performance accountability, transparency in decision making.


Privacy policy will commit itself to receive private information of all individual with their full and free consent.


Policymakers will provide reliable, well trained and highly qualified technology and personnel for collecting personal information of individual and this information will be stored and kept safe with reliable sources.

Accuracy through advanced technology:

Technology is the only way to achieve reliable and trustworthy information of an individual and this bill will incorporate the latest technology to achieve and store accurate, reliable, efficient information.

Dynamism and Adaptiveness:

This bill will also incorporate and adapt to changes through time and with the active conditions, this change is imminent. Constantly improving the dynamic regulation of privacy protection based on new knowledge from the communities and national and international knowledge partners are designed.

Privacy policy should consist of

• Clear and easily accessible records of its practices and policies;
• Type of personal or sensitive private data or information collected;
• Purpose of collecting and usage of such information;
• Disclosure of information including delicate private data or information;
• Reasonable security practices and procedures.
The privacy policy should be published on the website of the body corporate, and be made available for view by providers of information who have provided personal information under a lawful contract.

A term of service agreement typically comprises of

• Disambiguation/definition of keywords and phrases
• User rights and responsibilities
• Proper or expected usage; definition of misuse
• Accountability for online actions, behaviour, and conduct
• Privacy policy outlining the use of personal data
• Payment details such as membership or subscription fees, etc.
• An opt-out policy describing the procedure for account termination, if available
• Sometimes contains an Arbitration clause detailing the dispute resolution process and limited rights to take a claim to court
• Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability clarifying the site's legal liability for damages incurred by users
• User notification upon modification of terms, if offered

What are the terms and services?

Terms and service is a page on a website that sets out the rights and responsibilities of anyone using the site. It effectively forms a contract between the site and the user.
Terms and conditions often include an explanation or definition of key terms used in the terms, and outlines the legal limitations of responsibility of the website owner for any damages or harmed incurred during usage of the site.

What is Privacy Policy?

A contract that details and specifies the length to which a person can use your information, acknowledge and manage the same is a Privacy Policy. It verifies the privacy policy for a website, firm or company on accumulating and exposing information about a client or guest. The guidelines should detail what information is received, kept classified or shared with or sold to other firms, researchers or sellers. In an e-commerce business, it is compulsory to have a privacy policy for websites on their company’s/firm’s websites.

What is included in ToS agreement?

A ToS agreement can cover a wide range of elements such as:

Accountability provisions
Privacy policies
Opt-out provisions
Liability provisions

Who needs terms and conditions and why?

Unlike a privacy policy, terms and conditions are not a legal necessity. However, it is recommended that every website incorporates one as it forms the legal basis of the site's relationship with the user.

Benefits of Terms of Service

All service producers should let their clients know about the conditions below which the services are rendered. To keep things transparent, these conditions are informed through a set of terms-of-service, which lays the boundaries and the legal liaison between both parties. Frequently used by online service providers, the contract is legally confining and can be changed without giving prior announcements. Therefore, every online website must have terms & conditions mentioned on their website

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