Term Sheet Review
Get your terms sheet and Fundraising contracts reviewed by an Investment lawyer before signing it to protect yourself.

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Doing business has its own perks, especially when you’re raising funds. While seeking and finding investors is a crucial setup, signing agreements, sheets without a legal opinion can put you at risk. And while it’s an additional cost to make, it might be one of your first steps to more efficient decision making. Our professional’s review provides you with a detailed review around vesting period, lock-in period, exits, IP rights, valuations and any other hidden information in your investment documents.

Documents Required

  1. Term Sheet
  2. Bank Account statement and details related to all assets and liabilities

Term Sheet

A Term Sheet outlines the details of the conditions under which and investment is made. It is a non-binding agreement drawn up once the significant aspects such as Investment amount, company’s valuation, voting rights, stakes, liquidation preferences and investor commitments are agreed upon.

Understanding Term Sheets’s components

All term sheets contain information on the assets, initial purchase price including any contingencies that may affect the price, a timeframe for a response, and other salient information.

Similar Documents to Term Sheets

A term sheet may seem similar to a letter of intent (LOI) or Mandate when the action is predominately one-sided, as in acquisitions, or a working document to serve as a jumping-off point for more intensive negotiations. The main difference between an LOI and a term sheet is stylistic; the former is written as a formal letter while the latter is composed of bullet points outlining the terms.

What does a professional review contain?

We get your financial documents evaluated by a financial expert to see the current standing of your company. Afterwards, the term sheet and related investment documents are reviewed by a lawyer who goes into detailed account of liabilities, claims to seek any potential downside or dispute that might arise.

My term sheet looks good. Is it compulsory to do any professional review?

No, it’s completely voluntary and up to you. However, we highly advise for a professional review as it helps in understanding the deal in detail and ensuring that all pieces are in place and both parties in good faith.

I can get an investment agreement directly. What benefits a Term Sheet brings?

A term sheet is commonly used to arbitrate the discrepancies on the essential facets of any trade contract before outlining the actual agreement, thereby avoiding any unwanted expenses from a company's reserves.

How does the term sheet save time or is it effective?

A term sheet is drafted to put a plan in place for the consenting parties involved instead of drafting a long contract. However, the details of the clauses won’t be present, but rather contain the fundamentals of how they would be reached upon.

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