Register a Limited Liability Partnership
The perfect structure for professional services firms such as financial advisories, investment firms and tech consultancies.
₹ 7,000

(LLP deed has to be notarised separately)


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) came in 2009 and became an instant success for startups and professional firms. It combines the benefits of a private limited company with that of a partnership firm and thus, is a preferred choice for Businesses who want limited liability and a separate legal entity. Start-ups and professionals firms pick it because it has no minimum capital contribution requirement and has little compliances to deal with as compared to other structures. It limits the liabilities of its partners and enables them to maintain a separate legal entity. Register a Limited Liability Partnership and accelerate your business.

Documents Required

Documents of Partners:
  • Address proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID)
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photo
  • Latest Bank Statements
Office Address:
  • Latest utility bill (electricity/ water) 
  • No Objection certificate from Property owner
LLP Details
  • Name of the LLP
  • Capital contribution of each partner

Services Covered

  1. Filing of E-forms and applications
  2. Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): 2 nos
  3. Drafting the Deed, MoA and AoA of LLP
  4. Issue of Incorporation Certificate
  5. PAN and TAN application
  6. Includes govt fees and stamp duty for capital contribution up to Rs 1 lacs.

Excludes Foreign National or Foreign Body corporates as partners or activities that need approval from RBI, SEBI or IRDA. For LLP with FDI, refer to Foreign Subsidiary in India.

Fundraising with LLPs:

Usually, start-ups that will not be looking for venture capital funding register LLPs. Mostly, venture capitalists only invest in private and public limited companies. LLPs can, however, raise money from Banks, NBFCs and its partners. 

Maintaining Limited Liability Partnership

LLP, post incorporation requires help from Two professionals: CS, who looks after regulatory compliance and CA, who does accounting and taxation. LLP also might need an external CA for external audits, if annual turnover is more than INR 40 lacs or capital contribution is more than 25 lacs. Learn more about compliance here.

I don’t have a commercial address. Is it necessary to have a commercial address for registration?

Your registered office need not be a commercial space; it can be your residence too. A recent copy of the utility bill and an NoC letter from the utility bill owner to use the address for company incorporation should be submitted.

Do I have to visit any office for incorporation?

The incorporation process is completely online, so you don’t have to visit any place and can get the company registered from anywhere.

What are the advantages of registering as an LLP over general partnership firms?

In a general partnership, partners are personally liable for business, meaning that their personal assets may be used to settle the firm’s debts whereas, the liability of partners is limited in case of an LLP.

Is it necessary to have a company’s books audited?

No. LLPs are exempted from books auditing unless their turnover is above INR 40 lacs or capital contribution is more than 25 lacs.

Can I do foreign business activity with LLP?

Yes. With recent changes, foreign investors are now permitted to have a 100% FDI in the automatic route LLP. The 100% FDI in the LLP is granted to foreign companies who operate in activities or sectors where 100% FDI is considered permissible through the channels of the automatic route, making it most suitable for investment firms and consultancies. You can learn more about it in Foreign Subsidiary.

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