Conversion of Private Limited to Public Limited Company
Convert your Private Limited company to Public Limited and enjoy the benefits of being eligible to trade publicly and get listed.

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Every business structure has its own benefits, and a public limited structure is most suitable when you want to offer your shares to the general public and get listed on the market. Conversion of a Private Limited to Public limited provides you immense visibility in the market, access to public capital and our counsels help you transfer your assets, plan your structure and help in legal and financial transitions.

How is the conversion done?

  1. Conducting Board Meeting and passing a Board Resolution for the conversion to a public company from a private limited company by altering the AoA.
  2. Holding Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to get the approval of shareholders.
  3. Passing Board Resolution for an increase in the number of directors, in case number of directors is less than 3.
  4. Calculating finances, assets, liabilities and recoveries. Building an internal audit report to see viability of the conversion.
  5. Filing with Registrar of Company (ROC) for alteration in the Article of Association for the conversion to a public limited company. 
  6. Filing MGT-14 within 30 days of its passing
  7. Getting approvals from RoC, complying with its replies and laws, to convert the class of the company.
  8. Receiving new Certificate of Incorporation

Documents Required

Company’s Documents:

  1. CoI (Certificate of Incorporation), MoA and AoA
  2. PAN & TAN Card
  3. Last audit report and Statement of accounts related to all assets and liabilities, audited by Chartered Accountant (CA)
  4. Company’s bank account statement and certificate of closure

Director’s Documents:

  1. Identity proofs (Aadhar/ Voter ID), 
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. PAN cards, DSC & DIN

Office Address:

  1. Utility Bill (Electricity/ Water Bill)

The no. of Directors in Public Limited Company should be at least three(3) and members at least seven(7). 

How much tax should a limited company pay?

Public companies are very tax efficient because they pay corporation tax, that also on profits, at a flat rate of 19%. 

Do directors get any personal benefits with Public companies?

Directors can minimize personal tax and Insurance contribution by paying themselves a mix of salary and dividends.

Who controls a public limited company?

Shareholders are the owners of a public limited company, but they elect a board of directors who manage and make decisions on behalf of the business.

How do you issue payment to yourself in a limited liability company?
  1. A director’s salary.
  2. Claiming expenses for business-related items.
  3. Issuing dividend payments from available profits. Taking money out of a limited company, as a director’s loan.
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