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The world is facing unprecedented challenges, today, more than ever, and thus, the need of dedicated, focused impact groups is highly necessary. Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or have a well-established non-profit, we help you take important steps in realising the shared vision of a world, better than today. With a dedicated team of counsels of the non-profit sector, we understand the unique challenges you face every day. We work closely as trusted advisors to help you start and grow your organization and impact programs. With executives and board members, our in-depth, focused knowledge assists you in performing work, which creates impact. Our clients trust us to get high-quality legal work efficiently performed. But along with that, they appreciate our approach to turn complex legal issues to clear solutions, our willingness and belief in the impact we bring together.


Non-profit oriented advisory:

Non-profits are governed by multiple bodies of law that are unique to them, in addition to laws that regulate all enterprises. We focus on tax-exemptions, non-profit corporation law, board member liability, and revenue generation.

Impact fundraise outlook:

Our expertise and knowledge of impact fundraise ensure that we deliver cost-effective, deal-oriented, high-quality advice. We conduct related foreign investments and the structuring of investments with all exemptions, rebates and regulatory laws, as necessary.

Comprehensive coverage:

Our non-profit team assists with a full range of issues, leveraging interdisciplinary collaboration with the teams in litigation, real estate, corporate, advertising and marketing to provide comprehensive legal support to a variety of tax-exempt organisations.


Our front-line execution team works in a variety of sectors, guiding decision making and handling projects. We help you in creating project reports, verifying them, establishing relationships across domains to strategically plan projects.

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Our work spans law, compliance, audit, accounting & more, giving you one-point access to manage legal operations.
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We help merge legal operations with business so that legal diligences becomes an instrument to analyse, learn and grow.
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We leverage learning and knowledge across practices and services to provide most efficient solution and advisory.
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We build models for reiterative legal processes suited to your industry, so you can reuse them, save cost and work faster.
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