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Our mission
"We simplify legal systems through a balanced interaction of technology & humans, empowering people & businesses to realise their potential."
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Our Responsibility

We believe in the value of ecosystems and we firmly resolve that it's our responsibility to make legal systems more open, accessible and integrated. We channelise our energy, resources to develop legal systems in a more comprehensive, communicable and connected ways.
Legal Advisory

We truly believe that building something truly impactful requires a lot of opinions and people come together. And because we help ambitious businesses around the world every day, it's our responsibility to advise with the best ideas around. In strengthening our process, different approaches and opinions are encouraged, then we come together and bring ideas from economics, policy, psychology & technology to reduce risk, and help you take more effective decisions.

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Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Access to Justice is the only thing that brings equality to a society and we deeply understand the importance of a global, connected world, more than ever.
Our global platform puts us in a unique place to resolve disputes at scale, to make access to justice more equitable, and to create a sustainable future to help people, businesses and the governments thrive.

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E-discovery search

At Legex, we believe that knowledge is integral to the success of lawyers. Our AI based search engine, outlines and allows the litigating lawyers in many ways in searching for relevant cases through an extensive dataset of millions of cases, helping them to build a stronger case. Most importantly, it demonstrates how we are empowering our legal professionals to achieve more.

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The Legex Show: Podcast Series

We’re committed to help people in informed decision making, giving everyone access to knowledge, regardless of physical, financial or technological limitations.
At The Legex Show, we bring together entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, people with amazing work, and extraordinary visions to discuss about ideas, their journeys, and how they think, so that, people who listen to it, get inspired, informed and make more effective decisions.

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Making legal work efficient, effective and empowering.
Save more and work Faster
We optimise legal operations to help you save >30% on legal fees while making processes 2x faster to stay ahead in business.
Relationship oriented
Our work spans law, compliance, audit, accounting & more, giving you one-point access to manage legal operations.
Faster growth
We help merge legal operations with business so that legal diligences becomes an instrument to analyse, learn and grow.
Comprehensive coverage
We leverage learning and knowledge across practices and services to provide most efficient solution and advisory.
Use and Reuse legal models
We build models for reiterative legal processes suited to your industry, so you can reuse them, save cost and work faster.